Terms and Condition

Last Updated: 3 March 2020

The user is suggested to read whole carefully because this terms could cause to the right and obligation of the user under the law.

With Signing and/or using portal (furthermore mentioned as “This Portal”), every user is considered to read, know and understand the whole of content in the terms and condition. This terms and condition furthermore is an agreement between the user and the Indonesian Domain Name Registry as the organizer of this portal.

If the user disagree with one of, half of, the whole of content of this Terms and Condition, So the user is prohibited to use this portal.

  1. Definition
  2. The Principles in interpreting the term which used in Terms and Condition refers to the definition as below:

    • “Account” is the user account which already registered and verified in this portal.
    • “Top Up” is an activity refers to the currency transfer to the user balance.
    • “Balance” is the temporary balance shelter on funds to accept the refund. This balance could only be used for the registration payment, renewal, and/or taking over an .id domain name which registered through this portal.
    • “User” is the person who registered as the owner of the account and/or organization use this portal features.
    • “Transaction” is the payment for registration, renewal, and/or diversion of .id domain name is done through this portal.
    • “Refund” is an amount by PANDI to the User through the claim process and/or through the relevant User Balance.

  3. Scope
    1. The Terms and Condition organized about the registration requirement and transaction procedure, renewal and .id domain name diversion through portal.
    2. The Management and .id domain name utilization which have been registered henceforth comply to statutory and applicable domain name policies.

  4. Portal Utilizing
    1. This Portal is provided to easier the User to register, renew, or Transfer Domain .ID.
    2. The User can access every features in this Portal included but not limited to accessing Whois data domain .ID, Domain name price information, and user account registration
    3. User Registration in this Portal is free for public.
    4. The User will be directed to transfer Domain Name into one of the PANDI‘s Registrar ( after registered domain name in this portal.
    5. Guide to Transfering Domain Name is in the transfer feature.

  5. User Security
    1. The User hereby declares that the user is a capable and can bind himself in a legal agreement.
    2. The account registration in this portal is complimentary for public.
    3. Without prior notice, PANDI has authority to take any necessary actions for any alleged violations or violations of Terms and Condition and or applicable law, which is in the form of deactivating and or deleting user account also cancelling and or rejecting payment from the user.
    4. The user prohibited to create and/or use any software, device, feature and/or other tools that has purpose to manipulate this portal, including but unlimited to : (i) data manipulation and/or user document; (ii) crawling/scaping activity; (iii) automation activity on transaction; (v) other activity naturally marked as system manipulation action.
    5. PANDI has authority to freeze user‘s balance if its proven and/or there is any fraud activity in transaction and/or violation against this Terms and Condition.
    6. The user responsible secretly keep his account and password for whole activity which has been done by User Account.
    7. PANDI will not ask for username, password, or SMS verification code or OTP code owned by user Account for any reason, therefore PANDI appeal to the user to not give the data or other important data to any organization on any behalf of PANDI or other organization which could not be guaranteed for safety.
    8. The user agrees to ensure when the user leave the activity in the end of the session and inform PANDI if there is any unauthorized use of the password or the user‘s account.
    9. The user hereby comply that PANDI will not responsible for any kind of loss or problem for misappropriation of user‘s account which caused by user‘s negligence, including but unlimited to lend or give account access to someone else, accessing link or which given by someone else, giving or showing OTP code, password or email to someone else, and user‘s negligence causing loss or problem with the User‘s account.
    10. The user understand and agrees that to use one time password (OTP) security facility then the related communication provider service anytime can charge the fee to the User.
    11. The user agree to obey with the Information Security Management System Policy which applied by PANDI and Privacy policy of PANDI Service (1646293922-2-002-k-dnp-kebijakan-pendaftaran-nama-domain-ix-2019-pandi-publik-versi-8-0.pdf).

  6. Transaction
    1. The User must and only can do the transaction based on the procedures which applied by PANDI through this portal.
    2. The amount of transaction which have been done by the User must be appropriate with .id Domain Name Price listed by PANDI in this portal.
    3. The transaction is done with Rupiah Currency.
    4. When doing the transaction, the User agrees that:
      1. The user responsible to read, understand, and agrees about the chosen .id Domain Name information (including but unlimited to the document requirement and the purpose of the utilization) before making the offer or committing to purchase.
      2. The user includes in a legal binding contract to register, renew, and/or diversion an .id Domain name therefore also comply the applicable Domain Name Policy (
    5. The user understand and agrees that the .id Domain Name availability can only know through .ID Domain name Whois search feature.
    6. The availability of .id Domain Name could change anytime, so that this portal will reject the transaction in condition where .id Domain Name which will be registered is not available when the transaction is done.
    7. The user is fully understand and agrees that every registration, renewal, and/or .ID domain name diversion which have been done by the user through this portal and/or without PANDI‘s knowledge (through private facilities/networks, sending message, certain transaction setting and/or other efforts) is legal as long as it is appropriate with legal law and the applicable Domain Name Policy so does it becomes the responsibility to the User.
    8. PANDI has fully authority to reject any kind of transaction without informing first.
    9. The payment must be done soon by the user (not later than 2 days) after the user committed checkout. If within the payment or payment confirmation has not been made by the User, PANDI has authority to cancel the transaction. The user could not claimed or cancellation claiming for the transaction.
    10. The payment confirmation through cash deposit must accompanied by the deposit slip which is invoice number and name. The payment confirmation with cash deposit without that information will not be processed by PANDI.
    11. The user agrees not to inform or give the payment slip and/or data payment to other organization outside PANDI. In case of loss because of the user inform or give the payment slip and/or data payment to someone else, then this will be the User‘s responsible.
    12. The user understand and agrees that the late process of payment problem and additional fee which caused by the different bank of the User with the official Bank account of PANDI is the User‘s personal responsible.
    13. If the user decided to use transfer bank method, therefore the total amount in form of unique code will be added to easier the verification process. In case of payment already verified then the unique code will be returned to the User deposit.
    14. The user is required to make a transaction with matches nominal with the total amount along with unique code (if any) printed on the payment page. PANDI will not responsible for the User‘s loss if the payment is not match with the total bill which printed in the Payment page.
    15. Users can receive Refunds caused by one of the following reasons:
      1. Overpayment from the User of the Transaction that should have been made.
      2. Resolution of complaints through the PANDI Helpdesk in the form of a decision to refund to users. Complaints can be submitted to the PANDI Helpdesk through sending an email to

  7. Responsible Limitation
    1. PANDI always endeavor to keep the portal always safe in purpose, comfortable and well-functioned, but there is no guarantee for the continuously operating or access to the portal is always impeccable. The information and data inside the portal are unlikely occur in the real time.
    2. The user agrees to utilize this portal with any risk of the User itself, and the this portal is given to the user “AS IT USED TO BE” and “AS IT AVAILABLE TO BE”.
    3. The user will loose PANDI from any charge and maintain PANDI (Including the main company, director, and employee) from any claim or demands, including the reasonable law fee, which has been done by third party because of the user infringe against this Agreement, the misuse of this portal as it used to be and/or user abuse against the law or the third party.

  8. Alteration of Terms and Condition
    1. All the thing that has not mentioned and/or in this Terms and Condition will be defined In the next Alteration of Terms and Condition.
    2. PANDI may change this Terms and Condition based on the user necessary relevancy and system update from PANDI.
    3. The user encouraged to always reviewing this Terms and Condition in order to know the change happen.
    4. Any suggestion on this Terms and Condition can be sent through email to

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